You are not here by accident!
My bet is, you are an explorer and a seeker, and maybe, like me, you want all the things - health, wealth, adventure, creativity, good-fortune, success, darkness and light! 

​We are alive to live OUR best LIVES, to use our TALENTS, to LEARN, and to LOVE. That's why I'm here! It's my purpose to...INSPIRE MAGIC AND WONDER

Explore my novels, my tarot & oracle cards, my on-line courses, my intuitive readings, and my special boxes, and you will see that I am a CREATIVE ENTHUSIAST who is a BLISS SEEKER.... And, I want nothing more than to encourage you to do the same! 

NOVELS: The Moon Demon's Lover, The Devil's Pride, HIMM - The Wellspring of Humanity, and Ashes to Ashes.

TAROT & ORACLE CARDS: The Kiss of Bliss Tarot & Ashes to Diamonds Oracle Cards

GIFT BOXES: The Zombie Apocalypse Car Survival Kit, ​ADVENTure Bliss 52-Week Advent, Magic Wondery Wands, and Sprite Babes.  

ON-LINE COURSES: Following Bliss, Wonder Quest, The Blank Page, and It's in the cards.

​I challenge you to expand yourself and explore a bit. How about it? Let's create some magic together! 

Sheley Rayne

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Sheley Rayne